Gayl Siesicki

Name: Gayl Siesicki Designation: Transitional Care Nurse



Gayl is our Transitional Care Nurse and becomes involved when patients are admitted to hospital. She helps develop a care plan for the transition from hospital to home, coordinating the multiple organisations and agencies involved in the care of long-term conditions.

She is excited about her role, as it helps realise her goal of making the health system more patient centred.

Her work experience includes nursing positions all over the world; from being a Public Health Nurse in Hokianga, working in a Medical/Surgical ICU in the Middle East as well as in the department of critical care medicine at Auckland Hospital. Most recently, Gayl spent time working in the ICU/CCU at Rotorua hospital.

A descendant of Ngapuhi Iwi, Gayl grew up in a Northland farming family. She moved to Rotorua because of her husband’s work. They chose to stay and call Rotorua home as they fell in love with the forest, the lakes and the cooler climate.