Drop In Clinics

At Ranolf we have a philosophy to offer a same day service if you are unwell. Wherever possible we will try and get you to see your usual doctor.  When this is not possible and it is an urgent health matter we offer the Drop In clinic which is available Monday to Friday mornings between 08:30 am – 11:00am and Friday afternoon between 02:30pm – 04.00pm.  These clinics are staffed by a doctor and a nurse.

How does the Drop In clinic work?

Patients are seen in the order they present to the practice, however please be aware that a patient with a serious health issue may be seen before you.

The Drop In clinic allows you to see the doctor or nurse for a quick consultation on a single problem only.

The Drop In clinic is not intended for regular check ups or WINZ forms as they require a full appointment with your doctor.

We don’t make appointments for the ‘drop in’ clinic.

Please ensure you are here before 11:00am for a morning clinic or 04.00pm for an afternoon clinic.

Standard consultation fees apply for Drop In clinic appointments.

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