Registered Nurse Prescribing

Lisa Adlam, Nicky Bateman and Rosanna Senior are our three nurse prescribers.

  • Registered nurse prescribing will make best use of the knowledge and skills of nurses for positive health outcomes for our patients.
  • As we know demand for health care is increasing as the population ages and more New Zealanders are living with long-term conditions and registered nurse prescribing will contribute to addressing demand.
  • The Medicines (Designated Prescriber Registered Nurses) Regulations 2016 means that registered nurses authorised by the Council can now prescribe for a range of common and long-term conditions, e.g. minor infections, respiratory disease or cardiovascular health concerns, in outpatient or nurse-led clinics.
  • They are restricted to a list of medicines detailed on the Council website.
  • They will prescribe a small number of medicines from this list relevant to their area of practice and competence.

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