January-Are you off to Uni?

As you or your teenagers are heading back to university, or going for the first time there are a few things you need to think about in regards to health. Firstly, all the universities offer a student health service and this is a good thing but you do need to know that if you register with them the funding we currently hold for you is transferred. This means that if you need to be seen by us in the holidays the charge is higher as the university would be holding the funding for you. We would be happy to see you, of course, but the cost for a GP visit would be about $80. You do have the option of staying registered with us and being seen as a casual patient at Student Health and you probably need to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of each. The next thing to think about is keeping well. Young people living in shared accommodation or student hostels have a higher risk of developing meningitis. There are vaccines available to reduce the risk so please think about having a chat with your doctor or nurse about this and we can advise you. When flu season hits it can go through shared accommodation pretty quickly even if you don’t usually get it. We can sort that out for you later in the year, so don’t forget. Have you got a first aid box sorted? You don’t need much- just the basics of Paracetamol and a variety of sticking plasters is a good start. A nd finally- do you want to have a chat about safe sex? If you do, please make an appointment with the doctor or nurse and we can sort out what you need.