Julie Turner

Name: Julie Turner Designation: Practice Nurse



Julie is an experienced registered nurse and has worked part-time at Ranolf Medical Centre for more than 10 years.

She chose a nursing career after spending a few weeks in hospital following an accident at the young age of 16. In 1974 she commenced her nursing training at Whakatane hospital. Since then she has had numerous nursing roles in hospitals and doctor’s surgeries in Tauranga and Rotorua. For the last 13 years she has also undertaken volunteer work at Easter camps for 5,000 teenagers.

“Once a nurse, always a nurse” is Julie’s motto. She finds immense satisfaction working with young families and is passionate about children being vaccinated against life threatening childhood diseases.

In 1990, after seven years of being unwell, Julie was diagnosed with coeliac disease. Her journey of wellness began by strictly removing gluten from her diet. Julie is grateful for the increased awareness of this illness today and is willing to help those newly diagnosed.

Happily married since 1981, she has four adult children and is a proud and active Nanny to her three grandsons, which include a set of twins!

Her biggest enjoyment outside of work comes from spending time with her family, weekend escapes in the caravan to the beach, and growing fruit and vegetables in the garden.

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